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by | Apr 30, 2020

“Sooner or later we must distinguish between what we are not and what we are. We must accept the fact that we are not what we would like to be. We must cast off our false, exterior self like the cheap and showy garment that it is” ― Ian Morgan Cron

We’ve all asked the questions who am I, what am I doing here, and how can I be happier?

Jesus tells multiple stories about what it means to be “lost” and then “found” again (Luke 15). The point of these stories is to remind us that no matter what God’s love and God’s presence is always with us.

What does it all mean? It means that your life matters. It means that you are not alone.

As we are exploring our faith it’s helpful to take a deep dive on our beliefs about ourselves. Our existing beliefs and personality traits strongly inform what we believe about God and how the practice of faith spirituality can most benefit our lives.

One way to do a self-evaluation is through something called the enneagram.

The enneagram is a type of personality test. You’ve probably heard of or taken other personality tests, such as the Myers-Briggs, for work or school. Personality tests give us insights into our worldview and our emotions. These insights help us understand why we do what we do why we believe what we believe. These insights can help us improve in our personal, professional, and spiritual lives. They also help us understand other people and our interactions with them.

These types of tests are not a spiritual practice or discipline, nor are they a medical diagnosis. They simply help us become more aware of who we are, what we believe, and why we belive it.

To learn more about the enneagram click here.

Take the enneagram to begin exploring your enneagram type. How do the results resonate with you? Discuss with a friend.

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