Learn From Other Wisdom Traditions

by | Apr 30, 2020

“I believe I have discovered something that I suspect characterizes religious experience in whatever tradition or historical context: the more deeply one enters into the core experience that animates one’s own tradition, the more broadly one is enabled and perhaps moved to enter into the experiences of other traditions. The more deeply one sinks into one’s own religious truth, the more broadly one can appreciate and learn from other truths.” ― Paul F. Knitter

One of the things we strive for at Social Thread is not just the respect of everyone’s journey of faith, but the embrace of those journeys. To help understand what that means, the concept of “religious pluralism” is helpful here.

Religious Pluralism can be defined as the healthy co-existence of multiple religious groups. While we may see our particular journey of faith as the one that works best for us, we accept, and even may celebrate, that we can learn and benefit from those journeys that are different from our own.

Peter L. Berger writes that there are multiple benefits to religious pluralism. They are:

  1. Knowing, respecting, celebrating, religious and spiritual journeys that are different from our own help us not take one another for granted.
  2. It underscores religious freedom: our ability to freely choose and participate in whichever faith journey that works best for us.
  3. Helps us differentiate between what is core to our faith and what is less essential.

Take some time to focus on the third point. What is core to your own faith or belief system? What is less essential? How are your own core beliefs similar to those of those who may believe differently from you? What might the benefits to this be?

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