Explore the Experience of Others

by | Apr 30, 2020

“Christian faith for me is no longer a static location but a great spiritual journey. And that changes everything.”  – Brian McLaren

Perhaps the biggest influence on our own faith and beliefs is from hearing about and learning from the experiences of others.

Our parents or guardians may have raised us in a particular faith tradition or perhaps a friend, spouse, or mentor inspired us through the practice of their own faith.

We also know that our spiritual journeys are not static as our own experiences shape us over time. We may have practiced different expressions of faith and spirituality throughout our lives, for better or for worse.

The resources linked below offer the stories of how others understand God and practice their faith.

Talks at Google: Science Mike

My Spiritual Practice and Thoughts on Spirituality

Atheism 2.0

The Gospel of Doubt

Talks at Google: Making Sense of God

How are these experiences similar to your own? How are they different? What can you learn from these stories? How do you think these people can learn from your own experience?

If you are comfortable, share your story with a friend or family member and ask them if they’ll consider sharing their story with you.

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