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Communities are short and long-term gatherings led by trained coordinators and facilitators but are centered around participants learning from and supporting one another. Each gathering participants might use their collective experience and wisdom to tackle personal, professional, or spiritual challenges, read and discuss a book together, or have a time of sharing and supporting one another. From time to time guest presenters and experts might attend, depending on the needs and goals of the group.

An example of a Community is a “Work Support” themed group made up of participants who are all looking for ways to be happier and more purposeful in their jobs. Each gathering they may use their collective wisdom to offer each group member advice, tips, ticks, and support. One week they may welcome a meditation and mindfulness expert to discuss stress reductions techniques with them.

Communities are formed on an ongoing basis and gathering days, times, locations, and frequency are determined by participants. Community gatherings begin with an initial gathering over dinner, at a happy hour, or coffee together. For more information about joining a Community, fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch!

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