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Who We Are

The makeup or “fabric” of society is made up of the interweaving of our relationships and lives with one another – personal, professional, spiritual, cultural, and more. In other words, our lives and relationships are the individual threads that weave our communities together. The stronger the threads and the tighter the knit of the fabric, the stronger the community.

Social Thread was created as a non-judgmental community of faith to strengthen individuals by helping them live more purposeful and compassionate lives in community with others. We believe that change starts with the individual but that, ultimately, we are at our best when we grow and give back with others. Overall, we hope participants help us create communities and experiences where people of all faiths and no faith in particular can understand and learn from one another so that we can work together to make the world a better place for everyone.

Meet Us

Dave Wasson is a co-founder of Social Thread and an ordained Christian pastor with over 17 years of experience in leadership in churches and nonprofit organizations. He is a successful business starter, an experienced teacher, and sought-after storyteller. His passions are discovering the stories that lie underneath the surface of life and digging into the transformation that is possible for each person. Dave worked with local government officials in 2007 to develop programming improving the lives of residents in underserved and under-resourced neighborhoods in Phoenix. His focus on empowering and equipping people to have personal authority and responsibility. His passion for helping others and building healthy communities has led him to his role in this current project. His loves at home are his wife and son, and their two dogs.

Rob Rynders is a co-founder of Social Thread, a United Methodist pastor, author, husband, and father. Rob is passionate about helping people understand, learn from, and connect to their neighbors, both near and far. While serving as a campus pastor at Arizona State University, Rob was elected president of ASU’s interfaith council and initiated multiple interfaith and secular initiatives to help students in need. In 2012 Rob co-founded City Square Church where he created collaborative partnerships and experiences across faith-based, non-profit, government, for profit, and community organizations. He’s a graduate of Valley Leadership’s 36th Leadership Institute.

What We Believe

Our primary belief system is the Golden Rule: treat others as you would like to be treated, or as Jesus said “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

We believe in supporting you in finding your life’s purpose. We’ve all asked the questions Who am I, What am I doing here, and How can I be happier?, and we think that these questions are best answered together. We provide and facilitate gatherings, experiences, and resources to help others gain a deeper understanding of themselves as individuals and as a part of a greater community.

We believe in compassion at our core. Our goal is to work together on compassion for something that’s bigger than ourselves so that we can have a greater impact. We want to help people become better friends, neighbors, coworkers, spouses/partners, parents, and humans in general by offering concrete ways to understand others, have respectful dialogue, overcome differences, handle conflict in a healthy manner, and help those in need. We welcome everyone, regardless of political or religious affiliation, and only ask our community to do their best to treat others as they would like to be treated.

We believe questions and doubts help us on the journey. We don’t have a rigid set of beliefs, rules, or membership vows you have to agree to in order to participate fully. We welcome those who have questions, doubts, and fears, and would like to explore all of those things in an open-minded, non-judgmental space.

We believe in non-judgment. Our goal is to develop deeper individual and communal love, forgiveness, empathy, and understanding. We strive to focus on living a purposeful and compassionate life while being fully accepting of others.


Is this organization for me?

Anyone looking for community, to be more compassionate, more generous, or are looking for their purpose in life will find a sense of belonging here. A lot of our participants are looking for non-judgmental ways to practice their expression of faith and/or spirituality, but that is certainly not a requirement to participate. Many of our participants are wondering how they might be a part of something that is bigger than themselves, and/or are looking to make their lives and the world a better place. If that sounds like you we hope you’ll check us out – no strings attached

Are you a church?

We consider ourselves a faith community that welcomes people from across a broad spectrum of backgrounds and beliefs. Our participants come from numerous denominational and faith backgrounds or no religious background at all. Some attend church and others don’t and we think that’s pretty cool. If you’re new to town and looking for a more traditional church or place to practice your faith we can help, just contact us and we can make some recommendations based on what you’re looking for. 

Are you connected to a church?

We have our roots in The United Methodist Church and we currently operate under North Scottsdale UMC, however, we are working toward becoming an independent 501(c)(3) religious non-profit organization.

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