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On Your Own Terms
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Disconnected. Divided. Directionless.

​We’re lonely. We’re isolated. We’re depressed. We’re anxious. We want to be more compassionate toward others but don’t know how. We want to know what this life is about in the first place but don’t know where to start. This can have adverse affects on our spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical health.

In what can seem like an overly judgmental and divided world its hard to find a place that can help us with all of these things.

That’s why we created Social Thread.

With Social Thread you can be part of a community where you will belong, thrive and explore life on your own terms.


Events and gatherings designed to help you explore life with others.


A weekly show exploring life and faith through current events, relevant topics, and special guests.


Features, articles, and events that will help you thrive and belong.

How It Works


1. Say Hello


2. Connect With Others


3. Belong. Thrive. Explore.

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